Our Partner Farmers

Our Wellfleet Shellfish Come From

Field Point, Old Wharf and Indian Neck

The majority of our oysters come off our own farm, located on Field Point in Wellfleet. We are also partnered with Billingsgate Shellfish just across the Blackfish Creek channel. Together we work year round to bring the highest quality Wellfleet Oysters and littlenecks to your raw bars!

Our focus is to grow the best oyster possible! Our product had deep cups, hard shells, and of course a delicious, full, briny meat! We handle our oysters frequently to ensure that by the time we are popping them open at your event, they do not disappoint!


About Aquaculture in Wellfleet

Aquaculture has deep roots in Wellfleet, and the techniques and methods for growing shellfish have been passed down for generations. A farm, or shellfish bed, as it is often referred to, is an acreage of tidal seafloor in Wellfleet Harbor. At low tides, the beds are exposed, allowing oystermen to tend to their product and gear. At high tide the beds are covered, allowing the oysters and clams to pump sea water, feeding off the nutrients in the water, and continue to grow.

Each farm is unique in the way it grows oysters and clams based on tidal exposure and the physical makeup of the bottom of the seafloor.We use a common method in Wellfleet known as the “bag and rack method”. Oyster seed, small baby oysters about the size of a fingernail that are spawned in hatcheries around New England or caught in the summertime on "china hats" are seeded in the late spring and early summer. This seed is then placed in hard plastic bags, which are strapped to rebar racks, which sit on the sea floor. This method ensures the oysters stay in one place, the densities are accurate and the product is easily tended to. As the water warms throughout the spring and summer, the oysters grow rapidly, which requires constant attention, grading, and sorting, to keep the oysters happy and healthy. Once they grow to size. - 2 ½ - 3 inches - they are ready for market. At which time the oysters are harvested and ready to bring to your event or party.

zach rennert wellfleet oysters

Littleneck clams are a bit  less fussy than oysters. Like oysters, they are planted from seed, however, the clams are placed directly on the ocean floor. A net is staked around the area to ensure the clams are not moved via wind and current. The clams dig themselves in and begin to grow, also pumping water and feeding off the nutrients in the water. Once the clams are of size, the net is removed and they are dug up and harvested. Bob Wallace, the owner of Billinggate shellfish supplies our littlenecks, and he is widely regarded as growing the best around! 

Shellfish farming is hard and rewarding work. We stand behind our hard work with the quality of our product, which we are proud to bring fresh to your event!