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Wellfleet Raw Bars was founded to bring the freshest shellfish in Wellfleet straight from the farm, to your event. Fresh shellfish has always been a part of our lives in Wellfleet – from backyard Bar-B-Qs and beach cookouts, to birthday and wedding celebrations – someone is always shucking away. Now we are bringing that cherished part of our lifestyle to your party or event.
The same crew who works to grow the shellfish, will be there shucking for your event. Our goal is to make connections. We believe in knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown. We not only bring you the freshest and highest quality shellfish, but have the knowledge base to explain the process of aquaculture in Wellfleet, and assist in making those connections for you. At every event we aim to of course satisfy your pallets, but also your curiosity of shell fishing in Wellfleet. We will even teach you how to shuck! With Wellfleet Raw Bars, you can be sure that the most delicious oysters and littlenecks are coming straight from the tide to your table.

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