Our Covid-19 Response

Health, safety and sanitation - this is our mantra. From start to finish the entire Wellfleet Raw Bars experience is geared towards ensuring you and your guests stay healthy this season. All of our shellfish and seafood comes from reputable growers, farmers, and wholesalers. Our oysters and littlenecks are grown right here in Wellfleet where they spend most of their life submerged in the water, once it is time to harvest they are covered in ice and brought to our local wholesaler. The wholesale facility is there to ensure the oysters and clams are healthy and are handled in a highly sanitary environment. This is where we pick up our product and bring it directly to you. Our shrimp, tuna sashimi, and caviar are all handled in a similar fashion - processed through state of the art wholesale facilities to maintain the quality and safety for the consumer.

On our end, all of our sauces are made in a commercial kitchen, which is also where all of our gear - the raw bar, shucking utensils, trays, sauce dishes, is commercially washed. Oysters are a known superfood and chock full of essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin D and C, zinc, iron, copper as well as beneficial antioxidants. They are the perfect supplement to your diet - now more than ever!